Don’t Worry, I’m a Firefighter – Friday 22 March 2013

I was just getting out of class, walking down the sidewalk when I hear Gavin like “YO ROB, ROB COME OVER HERE AND CLIMB SOME TREES.”  So I went over and climbed up a tree, and met these two 15-year-old girls from El Camino that Gab had convinced to climb a tree with him. We chilled for a while, and then the girls had to go, but I guess one of them got her foot stuck in a crotch of the tree, and Gabin was all “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, YOU’RE GONNA DIE, WAIT, WAIT I’M A FIREFIGHTER, I CAN SAVE YOU, AAAAH!” So Gabin grabs her leg and starts shaking it around; all the while she’s yelling “DOOOOOON’T, DON’T TOUCH MEEEEEE, I DON’T LIKE BEING TOUUUUCHED!”  So she finally got down, and the two girls left. Everything got quiet, and then Gavin turned to me and calmly said “…I really do have a firefighting certificate, I took a course…” Haha- nice, Gabo.

After that, we tried getting some more girls to come climb trees with us, but it didn’t go so well. First we tried to get this blonde girl crossing the street, but she ignored us. Then we found this girl sitting in front of Fresh and Easy, dude she was so nice. We were trying our hardest to convince her like, “you know, climbing trees is the best, you got your cedar, your maple, your spruce, your pine, your pine-apple…” we even got her to try on this sunhat Gabin had been carrying around, but in the end, no dice. So we went into F&E and got some juices; I got watermelon and Gabin got some weird tropical flavor, I forget what it was. Lastly, we tried to get some chicks from the library. The whole place was empty except for this one girl in the corner studying microbiology. We tried to convince her to come climb, but she wasn’t having any of it. She was like “…I’m sure you guys will find someone…” and I was like “we just did find someone- you!” but she wouldn’t come.


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