Sky-Pirates and Lady-Killers – Saturday March 23

With the previous night’s shenanigans still fresh in our minds, we headed out to go fuck some shit up again. Our first step was Gabin’s house, were me, Gab, and Char got in a huge fight with those pop-it things. We were chucking them at each other by the fistful and with such force that they would explode on our bodies. I would equate the events of the next hour to that of a human powered shotgun fight. Sawdust and spent gunpowder covered the floor, we must have used at least 100 boxes of pop-its.

When we ran out, we knew the only sensible thing to do was take a trip to the swap meet to get some more. So were got a few more boxes, and started throwing them at random people there. We saw these two Mexican chicks walking along on the side walk, so we asked them if they wanted to come get some ice cream with us, but they were like “nooo, sorry we would, but we are in a rush to meet someone right now.”

Gab was all “damn dude, they were not down to get some ice cream…. wait, take a pic of me with them!” So Gabin posed with the unknowing chicks in the background and we got a pic.

We still went for ice-cream though at Fosters Freeze, and when we sat down to eat it, we spotted these two total badass lady-killers walking over. One of them had these chick magnet steampunk-style goggles on his forehead. We eavesdropped as they ordered their ice cream, and the cashier asked if they were paying together or separate.

They were like “together,” and Gabin added in from the side “ALWAYS together!”

Some fat lady at the table next to us asked Gabin “do you know them, or are you guys just being assholes?”

The two chick magnets pretended that we knew them so the fat lady would get off of our backs, then they came over and sat with us. The one with the steampunk goggles on his forehead informed us that he had originally taken his goggles from some sky pirates. As it turns out, they were freshmen, one from Buena, and the other from Foothill, almost like younger versions of Gabin and me, only waaaaaaay cooler.

With the day drawing to its end, me and Gav went for a bike ride down Main Street. Everything was going okay until we had to cross the street at the Five Points intersection. We were like right in the middle of traffic, and this huge truck almost hit us from the back. Gabin was doing all these weird turning hand signals to try to give us some chance of not being hit. We were swerving in and out of lanes, and it just got waaay too gnarly waaay too fast. I seriously don’t even know how people ride bikes in the street like they do, are they like death wishers or thrill seekers or something?

Anyway, that night I saw Gabin off at the train station for another semester, and I can’t wait ‘til the group gets back together again, who knows what shit we’ll get into!


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