A Close Call – Saturday 4 May 2013

I hung out with my buddies Conor, Will, Jake, and Steven at Conor’s house for a while, and caught up on life. After hanging out for a few hours, I left for home. Everything seemed normal, until I was walking down the sidewalk, towards a crosswalk, and a police SUV passes me, heading in the same direction as me, with its lights flashing. It turned right at the corner ahead, and disappeared from sight, so I thought nothing of it.


I was about halfway to the crosswalk, when suddenly the SUV came back into view, lights flashing and sirens blaring, and it drove up onto the corner of the sidewalk before screeching to a halt with the front of the car turned towards me.


I froze in place, thinking that maybe they were after me, but then I noticed that the police SUV was actually trying to cut off a guy on a bike that was on the same sidewalk, also heading in my direction. The guy on the bike had a bald head, and the clothes he wore looked a little thuggish. A police officer flung open the SUV’s driver door and took off after the biker on foot, while the biker cussed and hollered “what are you doing!? What the fuck are you doing!? Fucker!”


Both the biker and his police pursuer were on a direct collision course with me. The only thing I could think to do was sidestep into the driveway to my right, so I wouldn’t get hit. Luckily, I wasn’t put in a position to act, because while they were still a few houses away, they went from the sidewalk out into the street, and passed around me. The police officer, realizing he wasn’t going to catch the biker on foot, hustled back to his SUV, and drove away, until they were both out of sight.  It was pretty intense; it felt like an action movie.

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