Pokemon Platinum – 31 May 2013

So I’ve been playing Pokémon Platinum a lot recently. It is one of the ROMs I got, because there is about 3 weeks between the end of last semester, and the start of the summer classes. Due to the fact that I no longer had a Facebook, or even internet, I knew I would be pretty bored, so I stoked up on DS ROMs to keep me occupied.

Anyway so today I beat the elite four and the champion, and this is what I thought of the game:  First, I’m not too fond of the starters at all, none of them really appealed to me; they all just seem clumsy and stupid. The evolutions of the grass starter also seem a little too similar to Bulbasaur’s. I chose the water starter, (Piplup?), because I thought it might look somewhat cool in its final form, but it really didn’t. I fought with it until about lv. 37, where I got my first other Pokémon…. Yeah, not a lot of the starting Pokémon really appealed to me either.

Anyway my first other Pokémon was an Eevee, which I always like, because Umbrion happens to be my favorite Pokémon. (I got an Umbrion as a starter in XD: Gale of Darkness, and that thing was a ferocious beast, a reliable tank, and perfection in form; Plus, Umbrion’s appearance and lore remind me a lot of myself, it is mostly black with some bright highlights, which is the same color scheme as myself, I usually enjoy wearing a black outfit with some neon shoes or accessories. Umbrion hunts in the moonlight, and I always have enjoyed the night time very much, and I always do find myself “in the shadows,” if you will.) Anyway I immediately ditched my starter, and raised that Eevee as if it was my starter, soon surpassing my actual starter in level. I fed it a bunch of tirelessly made poffins, (which especially hurt the hand when you have to mix them with a mouse instead of the little DS stylist), and leveled it up at night to turn it into a brilliant Umbrion, named “Dark”, which then went on to lead a team of Syther “Reaper”, Lucario “Breaker”, (whom I raised from an egg), and Giratina “Exile”, all the way to the end of the game. I kept my original starter around just to be an HM whore, because there’s no way I’m going to stick an HM on any Pokémon that actually matters. Seriously, they need to make those HMs forgettable without needing a stupid move deleter.

Along the way, I also picked up a Gabite, Houndoom, Onix, Ponyta, and Abra as added support, HM wielders, and/or cannon fodder. I wanted my complete final party of 6 to include Palkia and Dialga, but you can pretty much only get those after the game is done, which kind of defeats the purpose. I mean, I know there’s still some stuff to do, but as for the main storyline, that’s over. The legendaries should be available a lot sooner so the player can actually take advantage of them.

I found myself coming into substantial amounts of money from trainer battles; more money than I knew what to do with. I really never needed to buy status healers, because I had amble of each from the various items and berries I collected. I only wanted to catch a few Pokémon, so I didn’t need many Pokeballs either. What I ended up spending my loads of money on was stat uppers, those vitamins and minerals, which worked out nicely. I maxed out the amount of stats I could upgrade on each of my four main Pokémon. Those four were just godly. I diversified their move set to get as many different super effective possibilities as I could, and even took their differing attack vs. special attack ratios when assigning moves through level ups and TMs. Now that I’m at the end, I’m sort of bummed that there’s no more I can do with these guys, I can’t go on wifi and do that battling or trading, because I’m on a ROM. Oh well, it was definitely a fun game, with a satisfying ending. When I finished, I really did feel like I went through a long adventure, even though I was just in my room the whole time. Lol 🙂


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