Thanksgiving 2013

For Thanksgiving 2013, my family went to my grandfather’s house to celebrate. We caught up, hung out, and ate the traditional foods, but it was during the three hour drive home, that the most memorable incident took place.


About an hour into the drive, my mom decided that she needed a caffeine fix, so she instructed my dad to pull into the next drive thru they came across, which happened to be a Jack in the Box. So we’re in this drive thru, and I told my dad that I wanted a big cheeseburger. We got to the speaker box, and the lady working there went through their standard introduction.


My dad leaned out the window and said “One big cheeseburger, and a Coke.”


“Okay…” The voice confirmed through the speaker, and on the little screen in red letters read “1 Big Cheeseburger…$1.29 2 Tacos…$1.00”.


My dad immediately got angry.


“I didn’t say tacos, I said a Coke! Take the tacos off!”


The tacos disappeared from the screen, and were replaced by a drink.


My little sister Renee decided she was hungry as well; “and some tacos for me,” she added.


This made my dad even angrier.


“Put the tacos back on!”


“…What…?” the voice asked through the speaker.


My dad got furious, “PUT THE TACOS BACK ON!”


The tacos reappeared on the screen.


“That’s all!”


“Okay,” the voice said, “pull forward to the first window.”


We pulled up, paid for the food, and pulled up to the last window. They handed over the drink first.


“Does anyone want a sip before I start drinking it?” my mom asked.


“Sure,” I said.


She handed the drink back to me and I took a sip before handing it back up. The food was coming through the window at this point.


“Ask them for an empty water cup so I can share some of this drink,” my mom told my dad.


“Can I get a water cup with nothing in it?” my dad asked the young woman at the window.


“Sure,” she said, as she grabbed a cup and started filling it with ice.


“What is she doing?” my mom asked, “We said put nothing in it.”


The lady then filled the cup up with water.


“Tell her it’s supposed to be empty,” My mom said to my dad.


“It’s fine,” my dad said back.


“No, tell her we want it-” the lady was back at the window about to hand the water over, so my mom decided to seize the opportunity, “EXCUSE ME, CAN WE GET-”


“NO!” My dad decided he had had enough.


He quickly snatched the cup being handed over, and slammed on the gas, peeling forward with a screech. At the same time, he simultaneously squeezed the cup with enough force that the lid would pop off, and swung it out the side of the window, splashing the side of the Jack in the box with water and ice. Out the back car window, I could see the lady gawking out the drive thru window with wide eyes and an open mouth, not having the slightest clue at what had just happened. In the back seat, we were laughing about that one for a long time.


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