Sean’s Trumpet

This one time a few years back, I guess Sean was playing his little trumpet at some huge, huge concert at Buena. When the boyos heard about this, we decided to pay him a little visit.  The whole auditorium was filled with people. The place was all dark, except for the well-lit stage, where Sean was in the middle of a solo. We pulled up in a truck across the street, and Gabin volunteered to handle things.


“I got this guys, they’ll never see me coming.”


Just like that, he hopped out of the truck, and went skipping across the street. From the back of the dark auditorium, there was a loud crash, as Gav forcefully pushed through the double doors, like a scene from a western saloon. Sean’s trumpet let out a startled squeal before everything went completely silent. The light pouring into the large room from behind him made Gavin a silhouette in the doorway.


“Woo!” Gavin exclaimed, as he hopped down the center aisle towards the stage, in between the rows of seats, with his arms outstretched towards the ceiling.


Sean was completely astonished by Gabo’s audacity, as Gabin climbed up onto the stage, and stood up right in front of Sean.


“Sean, I heard there was kooks here. Where are the kooks? Give some of them to me.”


Sean slowly walked off the stage, and into the back room. The audience began to mutter to themselves, asking each other what was going on.


Me and Charles were waiting across the street in the truck, parked in the shadow of the post office. I eyed the auditorium, wondering what was happening inside. Suddenly, Gav emerged from the double doors and came jogging over to the truck.


“I got some kooks guys, here take some.”


Gabin had two handfuls of cookies, and he began distributing them to everyone in the truck. I ate my first one, and thought it was pretty good.


I heard Charles complain “these cookies are awful.”


“Really?” I asked him, “I think they’re pretty good.”


“Oh, there are two different kinds,” Gavin explained to us, “Here, try this one Rob.”


I took a bite.


“This one’s good too.”


Gavin thought for a moment.


“Oh I think Charles already ate the bad ones.”


“God dammit,” Charles said fussily.


We all laughed at him.


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