Darkness on Criminality:

I saw this documentary on Colombian cocaine smugglers. It was pretty intense. It showed me some interesting insights that really confirmed some ideas I already thought of. Two main things stood out to me as very interrelated.

First, they had these human mules that would swallow tightly wrapped packets of cocaine, fly into the US, and shit them out for distribution. If any of these packets accidentally unwrapped or burst inside the mule, they would die very quickly. What could drive someone to such a desperate line of work? They interviewed a bunch of the mules that were stopped at airport security, and one thing they all had in common was that they were unemployed. They each searched for work for long periods of time, and could not find anything. This line of work was always a last resort kind of deal.

Next, I was astounded at the sophistication of smuggling transportation. The smugglers were actually building legitimate submarines out of scrap metal and old engines. The stuff they were coming up with was just so brilliant and innovative. I got to thinking: Why were people this sophisticated building machinery for such a dubious trade? There could be only one reason: legitimate trades would not take them, (or this was much more lucrative).

Are people inherently bad? Can some people be predisposed to be criminals? Signs point to “no,” but even if it were “yes” for some, it certainly wasn’t “yes” for all, especially the people taking tremendous risk as human mules. That’s why I came to the conclusion that if a society does not offer a single opportunity to earn a legitimate living to a person, then it is that same society’s fault that they now deal with a criminal. An extremely small portion of the population, (if any at all,) wakes up and decides they want to become a criminal; yet the amount of criminals we have is much greater than that small portion, therefore we ourselves are the only ones that are to blame.


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