“Don’t give me that bullshit!” – 7 May 2014

Not yet even having recovered from the previous weekend’s shenanigans, I got a surprise visit from Gab and Will in the night. We were in for another night of crazy triking. We started off with some of the usual hills, and then decided to go a little more hard.


We went to the Ventura High School parking lot, where there was this awesome slope with speed bumps on it. We didn’t expect what we found on top of that parking lot slope; There were like three cars full of people parked up there just hanging out. Two guys came over to chat with us. They saw our trike skills and were pretty impressed. Gabin tried to wow them by going down this rocky hill like an idiot.


As we were talking with these two guys, who turned out to be juniors at VHS, two of the parked cars (full of girls) turned on and left. Gavin tried to chase after one of the cars on the trike, and almost faceplanted right into the back of it.


The two juniors left shortly after in the last car.


Observing the situation after they were all gone, we all agreed “those two guys totally fucking cock blocked us…”


So we each triked down the slope a few times, and we got some gnarly air when going off the bumps. Gabin had the idea that we should set up some traffic cylinders for him to drift around at the end of the slope. We set up four and a trashcan too, but inside the trashcan I found a dirty towel. I waited at the end of the slope, before the obstacles we’d set up, and hid the towel behind a ledge. When Gab was coming down, I tossed the towel into his path. He drove right into it, and it covered his face. He ran right into one of the traffic cylinders and nearly flipped over.


I made sure to announce definitively “you just got FUCKED!” so he would be well aware.


We hung around the VHS parking lot a while, and tried on all of Nick’s cholo clothes that were in Gab’s trunk. Will was in Nick’s red cholo jacket, while Gabin was in Nick’s blue cholo jacket. We must have looked pretty shady standing there and drifting around on the trike, because another car entered, did a few donuts, and promptly left.


After that, we decided to take our party to the big, dark parking structure of the pacific view mall. The winding structure provided a perfect course for high speed drifting. There was only one problem: the structure was full of homeless. Will volunteered to go first, and I could see the dirty faces of the homeless watching us from the shadows.


“Will,” I warned him, “you are about to get beat the fuck up and mugged by ALL of these hobos!”


“What? What hobos, I don’t see any!”


“Dude they’re right there, and they’re about to come over and fuck you up!”


He decided to proceed with the course anyway, and down he went, into the dark belly of the structure. We followed him in the car, headlights illuminating our way, but there was no way we could have saved him. After descending down one or two floors, he was grabbed from the shadows and dragged into the hobo lair, perhaps to be eaten or sacrificed. We saw the hobos’ glowing eyes in the darkness, and knew it was all over for Will…


The three of us decided it was a good time to play some pool at this really sus place Styx. We pulled up, reveled in how sus we looked, and susly entered the building through the back door. We got a table and started having at it.


Gavin knocked one of the balls off of the table and under some really big, tough-looking guy’s feet. Everyone in the room could tell that we were total amateurs. The guy picked up the ball and handed it to Gavin. Gab came back to the table with his tail between his legs and stated “I really had no idea what to say to that guy.”


Sometime during the playing, we noted that a few tables over, at the end of the row, there was the legendary Skateboard Girl. At first, I wasn’t even sure it was her, but after hearing her voice, I knew it was. She looked a lot different. She lost the hoodie and skateboard in favor of a beanie.


We kept egging each other on to go talk to her, but no one had the courage to do it. We waited until she was about to leave, and Gab decided to call out “hey Skateboard Girl!”


Will disappeared immediately. Skateboard Girl stopped in her tracks, recognizing her old code name. She came over and we had a little reunion with her. She questioned us about the time that ‘I’ (actually Gab) called her, saying she knew that it wasn’t actually me.


Skateboard Girl left and Will came out of hiding, so the three of us went over to Jack in the Box, to see if we would find Hooker Girl working Thompson again, (we saw her there the previous weekend). To our surprise, we ended up running into Skateboard Girl again instead. We saw her in JITB and parked right next to the car we thought was hers.


Inside, we got some tacos and sat within ear shot of her, listening to some very saucy conversation.


We went over to Victoria to have one last trike trip for the night. This was going to be our most dangerous course yet, because Victoria was both steep and long. We drove all the way to the top, and Gabin prepared the trike the sidewalk, while we waited next to him in the car.


Suddenly, I saw the po-po approaching from Foothill Rd.


“Cops, cops, cops, cops, cops, cops!” I stammered at the others.


“Just, just drive down Victoria like you’re just driving,” Gavin advised.


I put Gabin’s car in drive and started going, it was obvious from the start that the cop was following me like a predator.


I tried to drive as cautiously and inconspicuously as possible. “Make sure you’re going the speed limit, make sure you’re going the speed limit!” Will warned from the passenger seat.


The cop was right on my ass. I flicked on the signal, and made a right turn on to telegraph. He didn’t let up an inch. I drove along telegraph, my heart pounding. I took deep breaths, and reminded myself how insignificant a situation like this really was.


“Dude I really hope we don’t get in trouble and get a ticket in Gavin’s car,” Will noted.


“We better not get in fucking trouble, or I’ll personally hand Gavin his own ass.”


I signaled again and turned down a side street. This time, right as I got around the corner, the cop turned on the red and blue, so I pulled over next to a house. I tried to remember watching Cops, and what the best thing was for me to do. I placed my hands on the steering wheel and waited. The cop came over to the window, and I rolled it down.


“Turn it off!” He demanded, I turned the key.


“What were you all doing out here?” he asked.


I didn’t attempt to sugar coat it, “we were… how you say… tricycle racing down some hills around here.”


“Tricycling huh… can I see your license?”


I handed it to him. He asked for Will’s too. Will offered him a school ID instead, to which he said “don’t bother,” and walked away.


We sat there for a few minutes, I tried to watch him from the mirror, but the lights back there were still on and too bright.


He came back to talk to us some more and handed me back my license. He asked me if I still lived at my address, and noted that it was a good sign I was near my own neighborhood.


“So what, you saw the cops coming and your friend told you to scram?”


“Nah man, we-” Will tried to say from the passenger seat.


“Don’t give me that bullshit!” the cop snapped at Will. The cop liked me because I was white; Will was also white, but he looked like a total cholo, due to Nick’s cholo jacket, which Will was still wearing.


I explained to him that Gabo suggested we just strolled down Victoria to make it look casual.


“Is Gavin the one back there on the trike?” he asked.




The cop explained to us about how cars on the road might not see the trike and cause an accident, and we explained that we had a system in place with our tailing car to warn the rider of any other approaching cars. He then told us that we needed a light on it to have it out this late at night, and we explained that there was a light attached to it.


“Who’s wallet is that?” he pointed into the car.


“This one?” I pointed to mine, sitting on my lap.




“This one?” I saw the one he was pointing at, stashed on the side under the steering wheel.




“I think that one’s Gavin’s.”


“Can I see it, to make sure that Gavin isn’t an axe murderer or anything?”


I handed him the wallet. He took the ID out and gave the rest back, before heading to his car.


He came back a few minutes later and said “look, I’m going to forget I saw this, if you go back, pick up your friend and everything, and leave. You’re done. I don’t mean forever, but for tonight. That sound good?”


“Yeah, for sure!” I assured him, and he left.


We waited until he drove away, and went back for Gavin. We couldn’t find him up at the top of the hill, so we went searching between there and his house. We found him at the corner of Telegraph and Victoria, and Will rolled down the window, explaining to him what had happened.


“Tell him to get in here with the trike quick!” I instructed Will.


“Dude get that shit in here before he comes back and tickets us!” Will instructed Gavin.


Gavin scrambled to open the back door and shove the trike into it, before climbing in himself. We decided that night would be the last bit of triking we did… at least for a couple weeks.


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