She Was Nice – 16 May 2014

Friday started out as I had become accustomed, a visit from Gab and Will. We went over to Gabs, and shortly after, I met his girl Tessa for the first time. The three of us took a trip to Winco to go grab Nick. We found him chilling outside the front, and we all went inside.

Inside, we fount a bunch of fags playing with the balls in the ball cage. Gavin went over to get some of them, but while he was bent down trying to get a ball, he didn’t notice a forklift backing up right at him. He almost got squished, and we were all “oh shit!”

We ended up with a king sized Hershey’s bar, a pack of creme-filled cookies, a bag of Warheads, and a pound of General Tso’s Chicken. So we sat around Gabin’s table, feasting, and each trying to say “as far as you’re concerned, I’m Willy fuckin’ Wonka!” in our best British tough guy accents.

Nick left in the night. I woke up early, and went to check if Gabin was awake. As I turned the corner into the doorway to his bedroom, I saw four legs sticking out of one blanket. Before taking another step, I retreated back through the door and found Will. Will and I wanted to go to the swap meet to get some fireworks from the Mexicans. We knew we had to try to sneak out before Gavin’s mom told us to do things, so we tried to go out the back door, but she intercepted us.

“Oh great! You’re awake, listen, if I could get you to do a favor…”

“Sorry, we can’t we’re about to head over to the swap meet,” we rebutted her awkwardly.

So we went out and first got some Mtn Dew Livewire from the Longs right next to the swap meet, then we headed over to the meet itself. I got two packs of flowers, two fart bombs, and a mini tank.

We took it back to Gabin’s. He and Tessa were awake by the time we got there. Gabin’s mom seized the opportunity to set us to work organizing the living room for a piano recital she would have the next day.

Me and Will started to move this table, and then Gab was supposed to move a recliner. He told everyone he could do it by himself, so he picked up the chair and tossed it. When it hit the ground, it made this loud smashing noise like it broke the floor or something. We were all “soooo that happened…”

Next Gab’s mom had us take a look at the gutters, I volunteered to be the one on the ladder, because I have reflexes like a cat.

“No you don’t,” protested will.

“Dude, yes I do,” I said firmly.

Gavin’s mom presented me with two pairs of gloves to pick from. I picked the yellow ones; they were supposedly better because they reminded me of the guy from Curious George. Tessa found my reasoning rather humorous.

The gutters turned out to be already empty, so we decided to go ice blocking. First, we tried looking at this corner store on Telegraph for blocks, but they didn’t have any (and this guy got mad at Gavin for wearing a camera around his neck).

We ended up finding some blocks at Smart and Final, so we got them and went down to Arroyo Verde. Once we got out of the car, and Gavin’s mom started driving away, I stood on a rock and looked at the group. Then I realized that no one was carrying the ice.

“Who has the ice?” I asked.

“…Fuck…!” the rest of the group exclaimed.

Gavin ended up running all the way across the park to catch his mom before she drove away.

We slid down this big hill with the ice about a dozen times each. It was extremely hard to stay on top of. We noticed that the kids from a Mexican birthday next to us were starting to take notice, so we let them play with the ice.

After that we went walking along the park, and found an empty bounce house slide that was soon to be taken down. Seizing the opportunity, we climbed up and rolled around on that thing like a bunch of roly polies.

When we were done at the park, we went over to Fresh and Easy, because Will wanted to get some meats for a BBQ. We looked up and down the aisles, pointing things out. Ribs, steaks, chicken, he put a bunch of it in a basket, before Gavin declared “you know, I’m not even sure if the BBQ has propane in it…”

Will put everything back angrily, deciding to keep just franks, buns, and some corn.

We got back to Gavin’s house with the stuff, and Tessa and Will started shucking the corn.

I went home to get ready to go get some pizza and Sierra. I called the pizza place up, ordered the pizza, and printed out directions to Sierra’s house before starting on my way. I held the directions up to the steering wheel so I could look down quickly and know when to turn. I was very paranoid that I might be lost the whole time, since it was my first time driving to Oxnard, and I was alone, but I ended up making it to her street just fine.

Going down her street was pretty spooky. The whole place looked very Oxnard-like, being that I thought I was going to get mugged. I found a random spot on the curb to park, got the address, put a pocket knife in my pocket, and got out of the car. I must have looked pretty suspicious walking up and down the street in the middle of the night, eyeballing the houses. On the end of the street, there was a group of kids playing in a jolly jumper like they didn’t know what time it was. Half of the houses didn’t have visible addresses, and I had to squint through the darkness to read the ones that did. One time, I caught myself accidentally staring down a large black man standing on his front porch.

Well I ended up finding her house, and I heard voices coming from somewhere inside, so I knocked on the door. After a minute, I knocked again, harder. There was no answer, so I knocked a third time, even harder. Immediately a dog started barking and I nearly had a heart attack. I knew I had gotten their attention for sure. To my relief, she came to the door, and we shortly left for Gabin’s.

When we got there, we were surprised to find the place mostly empty. We were greeted by Will as we stepped in the front door, he was saying something about Gavin cutting off his own foot. At first I thought he was joking, but after I searched the house to find Gavin missing, I realized that it was no joke.

I inquired further, and found out that he had somehow been using a saw and a hammer in combination to chop wood, when he accidentally cut off his own foot. We tried to imagine how in the world he cut off his own foot, and why he was using those particular tools to begin with. We all knew he was stupid, but we didn’t think he was THAT stupid.

After waiting a while, we got a phone call from Gavin’s mom. She told us that Gavin was in the emergency room, but he would survive. It was actually not his foot that was cut off, but his finger.

That sounded more plausible, but it was still hard to believe. We chilled in his living room for a while, and I got started eating the first slice of pizza. Before long, Gavin walked through the front door and greeted us. There was a thick white cast on his index finger. He told us more accurately the events that had occurred:

He was cutting some onions with a sharp German-made knife, when his eyes got teary. He switched to cutting up peppers, when he sliced the tip of his finger off by accident. He calmly walked into the bathroom, before letting his mom and his girl know that they had to go to the hospital.

Now that he was back, it was already extremely late at night, and with Gabin’s finger cut, the original idea we had for a bonfire ended up falling through. Sierra and I stepped up our mad selfie game and hated on all the weirdos in her yearbook.

When it was time to go to bed, Sierra suggested that since she was pocket-sized, she should take the smaller of Gavin’s couches, leaving the larger of them to me. As she got snuggly, she looked and pointed over at the larger couch, where we had been sitting earlier, and exclaimed “it’s pink!”

“Huh?” I asked. I looked at where she was pointing, sure enough, there was a slight faded pink spot on the couch where her head had been (she’d been dying her hair earlier).

“Quick, fix it!” she said in a panic.

“What the?” I slapped the couch lazily a few times, “nah, don’t even worry about it.”

“I don’t want to turn this pillow pink, should I use my sweater as a pillow case?”

“Don’t even worry, haha,” I assured her, “if you’re THAT worried about it, then go ahead, but I wouldn’t worry.”

“Good thing I’m wearing an undershirt,” she said, as she wrapped her sweater around the pillow.

I tried to sleep for some minutes before I realized that the moon was casting a beam of light directly on my face via Gavin’s sky-light.

“What the heck, I need to close this…”

I tried pressing random buttons on Gavin’s wall next to the light switch. One of them caused the sky-light to make this weird noise, but I couldn’t tell whether the upward or downward position was closing it.

“I’m going to break this and they’re going to be soooooo pissed,” I joked to Sierra.

I ended up never finding out how it worked, but I got to sleep.

The next morning, I had to return my dad’s car so he could go to church. Sierra and I left early and went over to my house. My family took the car and left, and shortly after, I noticed that everyone on my Twitter was asking where Sierra was. Apparently, she told her mom that she was at somewhere else (like 15 year old girls often do, haha). So she ended up calling her mom, whom I can hear raging over the phone. Her mom ends up driving over to my house in a pissed off flurry, and when she arrives, Sierra asks me if I want to meet her.

I looked at Sierra suspiciously, “is she going to like… yell at me or something?”

“No, she totally won’t,” she assured me.

So I went out and met her mom, and she was pretty nice.


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