Busy Bugs

I was taking a nap in the dark when I woke up and took a sip of the drink next to my bed, it was abnormally sticky but it didn’t register to me at first. I flicked on some lights on ate a few bites of some leftover chocolate cake.

I looked over at my drink and noticed a long web hanging from the straw to the lid. There are 5 or 6 dead ants on the straw, a few of which are in the web.

Honestly I don’t know if I drank some ants, some web, a spider, or any combination of the three. For the density of dead ants outside the straw, there was none in the straw, which leads me to believe the worst. By the placement of the dead ants and the web, I know at the very least I crushed a few of them with my lips.

I went over to the sink and started spitting furiously into it. I was paranoid that each and every little bit of chocolate cake left over in my saliva might be another bug. Now I’m just laying here angry at the world because this happened to me. This isn’t even the first time something like this has happened to me.

IMG_20141013_205136592 IMG_20141013_205132598

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