“You’re about to get rocked.” – Saturday 26 July 2014

With my parents having been gone for weeks, my house became the scene of a near-constant party. On this Saturday, it happened to be a party with Kyle, Will, Nick, Jimmy, and Gavin. We started things off by getting a few huge pizzas and some soft drinks. Having run out of food days prior, I welcomed any excuse to get some more snacks in the house.

It wasn’t long before I found out that Kyle was rather gifted at Halo, so I challenged him to a face-off. We played on Ragnarok and it didn’t take long for things to get heated. At the most critical moment, we were both on foot advancing toward each other with sniper rifles. Keeping my cross-hair vertically still, I waited until the anti-parallel movement of Kyle and I placed his head right in my line of fire, and took a shot. That shot was the only one fired and Kyle took it in the face. Even I was impressed with my own reflexes in lining it up outside of the zoom. Kyle ended up winning our skirmish, but I had my moment of glory.

We spent some time playing more games, like ODST, and Rainbow Six Vegas 2, where Will and I were able to show off our long-practiced methods. “I’m going to stick my dick in the hornet’s nest,” Will would call out, as he moved over the invisible trip-wire that would spawn the next wave of enemies.

It was somewhat late, and we were getting hungry again, so we decided to take a trip to McDonalds. We all piled in Kyle’s car and went out into the night searching for our greasy fix. I, being the only one sober, took up the responsibility of driving. I accidentally passed the McDonalds, so I made a wide U-turn at the next intersection; Luckily, it was late enough that the roads were completely empty. When we got to the drive-thru, we were disheartened to find out that they couldn’t give us anything, because their computer was not working; So we instead decided to go to Jack in the Box.

We pulled up to the Jack in the Box drive thru and started giving them our order. We must have gotten at least five bags full of food. When we got back and tried to sort it all out, there was a lot of commotion. Tacos and cheeseburgers were going every which way.

Refreshed and ready to tear up the night, we all headed out again with a dastardly plan… Kyle, having the key to the back of Pizza Chief, would unlock the ladder and we’d all have a party atop the building. Everyone was down for it, except for Nick, who had a bad feeling about it. Climbing up the ladder in the dark was pretty spooky, especially because we’d all be trying to mess with whoever was climbing, but once we were up there, it was a wonderful feeling.

The loose gravel crunched beneath our feet. The roof was bordered by a small raised wall. We could see everything around the entire shopping center in the still night air. There was no sound, no movement anywhere. The only thing that changed was the stop lights that would switch colors every so often. Naturally, the thought that we all often felt the need to share while enjoying the view was “this would be the perfect spot to set up during a zombie apocalypse.”

After some discussion, we decided to even go atop Albertsons (all the shops in the center shared a common roof, separated by low walls). At first, there were some reservations about it, as the early morning stocking people might have heard us, but we reasoned that there was probably loud machinery making noise inside, and that our steps would have been dampened by the 30 ft. of space separating the floor and roof anyway.

We went home and rejoined Nick, who felt so sketched out earlier that he had left. Before the night would end, I wanted to do one last thing: introduce the group to one of my favorite games, Telestrations. I passed out the markers, booklets, and eraser rags, and tried to explain the rules the best I could. Before long, it became a contest to see who could get the next person to draw the most offensive thing. Almost a quarter of the notepads that came by me were about someone’s mom, usually Nick’s or Gavin’s, and one time even Nathan’s, even though he was not even there. Every so often, I’d hear Gavin make a remark to Nick, (whom he was passing to); it was always something along the lines of “dude, Nick, you’re about to get rocked,” while Gavin tried to suppress a laugh. Sure enough, when their notepad got to me, it’d always be some vaguely-phallic object scribbled in a new creative place where it shouldn’t be. It goes without saying, it was an awesome time.