Hell Hath No Fury like Gavin’s Mom Scorned – 30 July 2014

The day started off excitedly when me, Will, Gabin, and Jake went to the local fair. While there, we decided to ride some crazy rides such as The Zipper and the Haunted House.

We went to pet the animals for a while and I got to pet some nice sheep. Then we went to a show with some lambs and we thought they were going to be presenting the lambs and choosing the best one, but the guy presenting was just pointing out all the places on the lamb where the different cuts of meat were. “Dude, this is just like depressing,” we all agreed and we decided to leave.

As we were exploring around the fair we saw this table at the food section full of scene girls with different colors of hair. “Look Rob,” Gavin pointed out to me, “it’s your table, go talk to them!” he teased.

After the fair we decided to visit Jimmy at the mall. We stopped by his work but he wasn’t there. After some searching, we found him choking in a bathroom. Turned out, in an attempt to make an effective cleaning solution, he had mixed ammonia and bleach and ended up creating mustard gas.

With Jimmy incapacitated due to the chemical warfare he unleashed upon himself, we went to go visit Nick at his dad’s house. He showed us his extensive collection of medieval blades, trench knives, and katanas.

When we had satiated our blood-lust with Nick’s weapons of war, we headed back to get Jimmy, as he would now be off work. We swung by and picked up Jimmy, then headed to the store to get some soda and picked up a few pizzas as well.

We brought the stuff to my house and hung out for a while, but we decided what we really needed was an impromptu firework display. We brought a bunch of fireworks into the street and lit them off, and right on cue my anal neighbors who had autistic triplets came out and angrily demanded to know what we were doing.

At that point my mom decided that she liked fireworks and told my neighbors exactly what we were doing in a passive-aggressive confrontational tone. (They had previously gotten in neighborly squabbles such as when my mom pulled into the driveway too fast while the neighbor’s autistic kids were playing up and down the sidewalk).

Afraid that the neighbors would call the police as per usual, me and the group headed to chill up at the cross. We took the winding road in the dark, and after parking and crossing under a barrier gate we arrived at the peak. The street lights outlined the shape of the city perfectly. We pointed out various structures we recognized. I knew that I wouldn’t be in town for much longer, so I snapped a picture for memory.

The next morning it was only Jake and I left at my house. Without warning, Will arrived. Apparently he had been at Gavin’s house, and commandeered a bike to come over to my house when Gavin’s mom wouldn’t give him a ride.

Will left Gavin’s bike at my house and got a ride home from Jake. Then we went to one of our old airsofting spots in the barranca and saw that someone had dug a bunch of strategic trenches in it. Jake’s departure time was nearing, so we went to pay Sean a visit at Dicky’s, and happened to run into Jimmy there too.

Gavin’s house was the last stop on Jake’s visit, so we went there and were met by a very angry Gavin’s mom. “If you two see Will, can you tell him to bring the bike back and that I don’t appreciate him taking it like that?” she asked us. She hid rage behind a polite facade. Distrust had been brewing between her and Will for some time, and this fueled those flames. Hell hath no fury like Gavin’s mom scorned.


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