Winter Break: Turnt Night I – 18 December 2014

Me and Gavin were getting off school for Winter Break around the same time, so we decided to carpool back home. Gavin pulled up to my house, and I got into his car. He asked me if before we left, I wanted to meet a 16 year old girl that he had been talking to.

“Fuck it, sure, let’s do it!” I responded.

We drove over to her high school to pick her up, it felt really awkward sitting in a car in the parking lot while all the highschoolers were getting out for the day. We called the girl and tried to explain where we were. After a very confusing back-and-forth, we managed to narrow the possible parking lots down to the one we were at.

We got out of the car and met the girl as she walked through the parking lot. She admitted to being nervous about getting in a car with two strangers, but she thought we looked pretty cool so she got in anyway.

First we went to get some lunch at In n Out, then we decided to head to a park. On the way to the park, we drove through a rather nice looking neighborhood, and this 16 year old girl showed us a bit about her personality:

“This neighborhood is ghetto as fuck, it’s full of fuck-boys… I hate all the guys at my school, they’re all fuck-boys…”

“Woah, that’s a really nice car,” Gavin said, noticing a high-end sports car driving near us.

“The guy driving it is in my class, he’s a total-fucking-fuck-boy.” She factually replied.

We got lost a few times but made it to the park. It was a really clean park, the lawn was all trimmed up, and the equipment looked brand new. It was on a hill and had about three different playgrounds at different heights, and an incredible view of the city from the top. In the background there were more hills and horses grazing.

“This must be where all the super fancy rich people live,” Gavin and I noted.

“This is a trashy park, it’s ghetto as fuck, this whole area is so fuckin’ ghetto,” the girl didn’t seem to be impressed by anything. We tried to swing on the swings, climb the playground, and enjoy the view from the peak, but the girl kept walking away after a few seconds and we had to follow her. At one point while we followed her she angrily asked me if Gavin had mentioned ‘the tits’ to me, I had no idea what she meant.

Eventually we all left he park and went to take a walk along a pond with ducks. Somehow it became a joke between us to tell each other not to eat the duck-bread, whatever that meant. When we reached one end of the pond, the girl told me to wait there while she went off privately with Gavin. About 15 minutes later, they returned and were each acting slightly awkward. According to the girl, when they were alone, Gavin grabbed her ass. According to Gavin, the girl had taken his hand and placed it on her breast.

As we were walking back to the car Gavin joked that the girl should give me a blow job in the car, and that he would take the bike out of his backseat and ride it around so we could be alone. The girl suggested that I ride the bike while Gavin and her spend time in the car, but Gavin wasn’t having any of that.

It was time to take the girl home, and she had us drop her off in a neighborhood close to her house instead of at her house because she didn’t want us to know her address. The whole thing had been pretty awkward for me being a third wheel, I assumed Gavin made sure I would be there because he wasn’t actually too interested in the girl.

We headed for home, and a few hours into the trip Gavin asked if I wanted to stop in Santa Barbara at a nightclub first. I agreed and looked up some clubs on my phone. We ended up accidentally driving past Santa Barbara and then doubling back for 15 minutes.

We went into the first club we saw, (making sure that there was no cover charge first), and it was really small. The dance floor could probably only hold 10 people comfortably, and it was flanked on two sides by benches. There were two blonde girls dancing with each other, and two brunettes sitting on a bench.

Gavin tells me to go dance with the blondes and that he would be right behind me. I tried to go over and dance with them, but the second I started, they moved away and huddled closer together. I turned around and Gavin was on the edge of the dance floor laughing.

Well I came up to him and asked “what the fuck dude?”

“Dude, those girls were mean,” he assured me,”let’s go ask those other girls sitting down if they want to dance with us.”

We each went over to one of the brunettes sitting down, leaned into their ear, and asked if they wanted to dance, but they both politely declined us. Gavin told me to ask one of the girls where there was a good club to get ladies at. They told us to go to the Tonic. Gavin told me to ask them to take us there, and I did, but they refused.

So we set out walking through the streets trying to find it. Gavin told me to ask a group of bro-dudes where it was, and when I did, they looked at me like I was stupid but pointed the way. Eventually we made it, showed the doorman our Ids, and went to the dance floor.

To our surprise, the dance floor was completely empty. Gavin insisted that we dance by ourselves until someone showed up, so that’s what we did… for about two hours.

Suddenly around 12AM someone walked in with a big bottle with a sparkler sticking out of the top, followed by a huge crowd of people. Within 10 seconds, the dance floor was packed full of bodies.

“Dude we did it! We started the dance party!” Gavin exclaimed.

We danced for about three more hours, trying our best to dance with ladies, but it was difficult as we hadn’t really planned what we were going to do and were still in our ‘road trip’ outfits. For a good amount of time I was able to dance with this cute Latin looking girl wearing a tan jacket. She was smiling and looked like she was having fun. After a while, she grabbed my hand and squeezed it hard for a few seconds, before letting go and slipping through the crowd. I never saw her again.

At one point, I saw Gavin tapping the shoulder of a rather attractive young lady, but she didn’t seem to notice. He tapped her shoulder again, but she walked away without even looking. She was pretty mean.

When we left it was morning but still dark. I drove the rest of the way home. Turnt Night I was intense, but it was only the start of the crazy winter break to come.

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