Winter Break: Turnt Night II – 19 December 2014

The day started with me, Jake, Kimmy, Will, Conor, and Gavin hiking in barranca number three. We chilled for a while in a secret nook in a trench, then Conor found a throwing knife on the ground. We tossed the knife around, seeing who could get it stuck in a tree, before we lost it again in some tall grass.

Conor left, but we were joined by Belle, Jimmy, Kyle, and Nick for a bonfire in Gab’s backyard. We started to run out of firewood, but could not chop more or we would wake Gav’s neighbor Vern, so we brought it across the street to the college parking lot and chopped it there.

I drove the car, and the others found great amusement with the fact that I would use turn signals in an empty parking lot in the middle of the night. We raged for a while before finally heading to bed.

The next morning we thought about getting pizza for breakfast. It was Gavin, me, Nick, and Will. Nick had had great deep dish pizza during his trip to Chicago, so he suggested that we try a new deep dish place in town.

Gavin’s mom suggested we get cheap pizza, and said Nick can buy everyone a $20 pizza if he wants to. Will responded that we were definitely not getting Winco pizzas.

Will, Nick, and I ended up going to the Chicago deep dish place. Everything there was at least twice as much as you’d pay for chain pizza, so we were expecting it to be pretty good. We got a large cheese, and waited forever.

When the pizza finally came we were starving, and ready to dig in. We grabbed some big slices and started munching away. It was depressingly bland. Even before anyone said anything, I could see it clearly on the expression of my companions.

“This pizza is pretty awful,” Will whispered.

“Yeah, this tastes like something that an 11 year old would make with spaghetti sauce from the cupboard.” I noted.

“This is absolutely nothing like the actual deep dish pizza in Chicago,” Nick promised.

The guy manning the counter saw us pouring mountains of parmesan cheese on top of our slices to try to give them some flavor.

“How’s the pizza?” he asked. I smiled and gave him a deceitful thumbs up.

Later that night, me, Gav, and Nick met up to go clubbing. We dressed in our best club outfits and got psyched up. Like last time, we had arrived far too early and were the only ones there for about two hours.

When the party finally started, we busted out like never before. Gavin brought out his signature Crip walk, and Nick got the attention of the whole floor multiple times. However, once again like last time, I was the one who had the best luck with ladies.

At one point a random fine lady started grinding up against me. I felt like a king. Not all the ladies were nice though, even to me. One lady I tried to dance with just made a disgusted expression and walked away. A lady that Nick tried to get at actually shoved him. A few ladies came to Gavin, but usually only to try on his floppy hat.

The main song that got the crowd moving every time was Big Sean – IDFWU. Whenever the chorus came on, we would sing along and point at the nearest girl. Nick was so distraught about his lack of lady-luck, that he didn’t notice a curvy black girl trying to dance with him.

By the end of it all, we were completely drained. My feet were aching bad. We stopped in a pizza bar for a slice. The pizza was thin, floppy, and extremely hot. It was much better than the fake deep dish we had had earlier. Gavin’s slice was so hot, that he just picked it up by the paper plate and folded it like a taco.

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